How we use your information?

  1. Loan Cover Insurance
  2. Take a loan from 1 lack to 2 crore, to finance a diverse range of needs
  3. Tie up with Ecapital Loan Finance Company
  4. Insurance period will be as long as your loan tenure

We hereby declare that 50% of total insurance amount is coverd by ecapital loan i.e. 50% of total amount will be covered by customer.

Why apply with us?


Enjoy the fast approval on all types of loans.


Required basic documents for loan approval.

Flexible Tenxure

Repay your loan in 10 years tenure.

Multiple Loan Options

Various versions have evolved over the years,sometimes by accident.

Competitive Rate

We provide better services with a great rate percentage. Want to construct your home but don’t have money. Don’t worry apply for a construction loan today.

Safe & Secure

Ecapitalloan promises to you that we will tightly secured about everything.